• Testimonials

    Nicole and I have worked together over the last 6 months, but it’s like I’ve known her forever! She’s so responsive, getting back to me immediately and letting me know the answer to my question or letting me know she’s working on it and when I will hear back. She anticipates my needs and gives me a heads up reminder as we approach our monthly tasks. She’s extremely thorough and never hesitates to ask a question which allows us to work though our tasks together smoothly. She’s very detailed oriented and understands quickly when we need to make changes and she does that very efficiently. She lets me know if I need to send her something, or if she sees something out of order or different and will call it to my attention. I couldn’t be happier with her or her work and will happily recommend her to anyone who needs a top notch bookkeeper.

    Mia O'Connell
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    I recently hired Nicole after two bad experiences with bookkeepers for my growing business. Nicole has been a terrific addition. She anticipates issues before I flag them and she is always on top of an increasing amount of work. Plus, she is extremely prompt in answering e-mails and calls.

    Jeffrey Selingo
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    I recently attended a workshop with the focus on utilizing tech tools to increase productivity that was organized and presented by Nicole. I came away with many practical tips that I could use right away. I appreciated the distinction made throughout the workshop between busy and productivity.

    Michael Hendrick
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    Nicole is great to work with. She always keeps me in the loop and her response time is amazing. She is very knowledgeable and explains my books very well! Thanks Nicole for being understanding and supportive!!

    Jenny Hanley
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    Nicole is a wonderful facilitator, she has a way of making what can be a challenging topic easy to understand for everyone who attends her workshops. She takes the time to answer all your questions and we have yet to find a question that she did not know the answer to, she is so knowledgeable! We don’t know how she does it but she manages to make bookkeeping, a topic feared by so many business owners, interesting and engaging.


    Courtney Miller
    Business Enterprise Manager
    Grey County
  • Testimonials

    Nicole Teeter was referred to me by a business owner I met at a local chamber meeting, and I have been very impressed with her work.

    Nicole is professional, personable, punctual, and delivers above and beyond. She has delivered eight workshops for us so far this year, six of them for our small business clients and two for our young entrepreneurs program.

    Nicole could teach a course on how to create a professional workshop proposal: hers was clear, concise and well laid out. Her workshops were well received by my clients; she arrives well prepared, and is clearly an expert in the subject areas of bookkeeping, social media, and online tech tools to automate routine business tasks.

    Nicole also provides excellent slide decks and handouts for participants to take home for future reference. She is ambitious, friendly, helpful, and always looking to add skills to her impressive resume. Nicole networks extensively in Grey County as well as online, and has many leadership qualities, reaching out to assist others.

    I would not hesitate to recommend her to any professional group as a speaker or workshop trainer. 

    Lee Rogister
    Training Coordinator & Communications Officer
    Saugeen Economic Development Corporation
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    I am a start-up company and was introduced to Nicole via a mutual coworker. What a great experience it has been ever since. Nicole has been super helpful, responsive, and informative. I feel like our financials are in a good and organized place ever since day one of her taken over our book's. Nicole works with a high level of integrity and is even a better person than her work ethics. During a start up, revenue is tight and having someone like Nicole who is very reasonably priced is wonderful. Also Nicole will always get back to me

    Gordon Duhon
    Founder /CEO